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Hockey Stick Investments is a "family office" venture seed fund, participating early in great new startup companies around the world.  The fund currently includes ~70 portfolio companies across multiple areas of interest and geographies, from CRISPR-based microbiome modulation to revolutionary new agricultural tires.

Why "Hockey Stick Investments"?


Growing up in Chicago, street (or alley) hockey was our after-school sport of choice.  I was lucky enough to go to many Chicago Blackhawks games in the old Chicago Stadium, and the team rewarded me (albeit 40 years later) with three Stanley Cups!

More importantly, the concept of "Hockey Stick Growth" or the "Hockey Stick Curve" is what many startup entreprenuers (and their investors!) hope to obtain.  Following a period of relatively flat growth/progress, a sharp increase in growth/progress ensues, forming a graph that looks like a hockey stick!

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